Mar 06 2013

Michael Laudrup one of the greatest football players ever

There can be no doubt that Michael Laudrup has been one of the greatest football players of all time, and now he is proving that he can make it as a coach on the highest level too.


This is a player with many faces (one of these are of Brian Laudrup though).
michael-laudrupog brian


Feb 21 2013

The football clubs of Cobenghagen

There are 2 football clubs worth mentioning i Copenhagen, Brøndby and KFC, loved this post at

We love and we hate footbaal :-)

Sep 10 2008

Football bets

How predictable were the European Football league teams? Could be the bookmakers favorites dropped the ball.

This widget from youcalc – smart widgets that bring datastreams to life is a great lidtle toy that just might earn you a bob or two.


Jun 25 2008

Clarence Seedorf

Clarence Seedorf is undoubtedly one of the greatest football players Holland has ever produced, the stats speaks louder than adjectives so for ones we will just give you the facts of Clarence Seedorf, a truly great Dutch football player.

This is how football started for Clarence Seedorf.

Seedorf was born on the 1 April, 1976 in Paramaribo, Suriname a Dutch colony where his patents is coming from, and when Seedorf moved from Africa to the Netherlands with his parents he started playing football in Ajax youth academy. Seedorf is married with a Brazilian woman named Luviana and they have some kids together. Seedorf feels that his kids have thought him a lot more than he has thought them.  Read more about Clarence Seedorf

May 13 2008

John Heitinga official football website

John Heitinga has also gotten himself a website the John Heitinga official football website is state of the art and just the kind of website true football fans want from their football stars.

John Gijsbert Alan Heitinga  is one of young national football players who is expected to go very far (and take Holland with him), John has represented Holland on the highest level through out his career (Under-16’s, under-20’s. and The national team).

May 13 2008

Wesley Sneijder official football website

The Wesley Sneijder official football website is one more great Dutch football player who has arrived on the net in style!

Wesley Sneijder was a major talent from early childhood and he is still seen as one of the biggest football talents Holland has ever had, ad to that that Wesley Sneijder still is a young man and you get a very interesting situation, could this be the next Dutch footballing superstar?

Holland is experiencing a great rice in the talents of its national players this years and many of us who remember the good old days  of Dutch football are hoping that the good times are back in Holland.

May 13 2008

Rafael van der Vaart is on the net

A new official football website has seen the light of day, it is the Rafael van der Vaart official football websit and it is the place to go for all the tru fans of the Dutch national football player.

Van der Vaart is one of the biggest tallents Dutch football has ever seen and here are great hopes that he will do for Holland what he is doing for SV Hamburg.

Hopefully the fact that so many great players are emerging from Holland will get them back in the European football elite where they belong.

We will naturally bring news of all the new official football websites of all the Dutch players.

and if rafaelofficial gets online we will let you know.

Feb 13 2008

Robinho official- New Robinho website

Robinho the football player is on the net.

RobinhoThere are so many websites dedicated to the Brazilian football player Robson de Souza or as you might know him ROBINHO, there is however only one official Robinho website and you can fin it on Continue reading “Robinho official- New Robinho website” »

Feb 13 2008

Afonso Alves has new official football website

Afonso Alves official website is located at and it has all the latest news about the brazilian football player that a true fan can want, the website is still young and I am sure it will grow to be even better than it already is, but even now it is a great football site for Afonso Alves.

In the news about Afonso Alves you can read Continue reading “Afonso Alves has new official football website” »

Feb 07 2008 is the new official Ronaldo website

Ronaldo Official football websiteRonaldo Official football websiteRonaldo Official football websiteRonaldo official is not just somthing you can write to get visitors, it is ileagal to pretend to be the official ronaldo website in order to atrakt visitors, that is why I incurrage you to go to the real official Ronaldo football website.

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